We’d like to introduce our team to you!



Mumbi Kuguru (谷缪冰), the founder of 费嫩达尔中文学校 Chinese School Veenendaal, was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya.

She studied her bachelors in Shanghai, China and after moved to the Netherlands, where she started a family and soon completed a two-year Master degree program (TIAS Nimbas, Utrecht).

Over the years, Mumbi saw that there was a gap in the market for Chinese language courses here in Veenendaal and the surrounding areas.

This is where the idea came to begin a Chinese language school in Veenendaal, not only for Chinese families in the area, but also for Dutch families and anyone else interested in challenging themselves with a new language.

Chia-Ju Lin (林家如) is the teacher taking on the beginners class. Chia-Ju was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to the Netherlands in 2016, where she gained extensive education in Urban Studies. While studying her bachelors in Taiwan, Chia-Ju spent time training to be a high school teacher.

We welcome Chia-Ju Laoshi to the team and look forward to learning from her and creating fruitful relationships between teacher and student, as well as teacher and parent. As with any mentor-mentee relationship, our goal is to help the student progress in their Chinese language level, develop their language skills, and gain new knowledge. We are looking forward to learning, playing, and growing together!